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Matthew 19:5 (KJV) “For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh”

More commonly stated in todays vernacular : “…These two shall become one.”

Marriage is truly a miraculous thing when we let it be. We all go through life carrying things from our past, scars, baggage, regrets, even bad habits, character flaws, and of course just the normal hustle and bustle of daily life.

We carry it all on our shoulders whether we plan to or not. We may have friends or family or even a best friend that we talk to but we are truly just one person. Until Marriage… then, according to scripture a wonderful miraculous thing happens, “Two become one.”

Instead of carrying everything alone, walking alone, making choices alone, we have someone who comes beside us and carries, walks, and makes choices, with us.

Big deal right? I mean other people can help too right?
Here and there yes of course, but there is something different about marriage.
God made it so. Its not just intimately that two become one, there is an emotional shift that takes place if both parties truly give all of themselves to the other.

When a horse is pulling a wagon or sled, they are limited to their own strength.
The full weight of the load rests on their shoulder. If they stop, 100% of the momentum stops and they are 100% responsible for getting things moving again.

Something miraculous happens though when they are tied to another horse and they both pull the weight together.
If the original horse can carry 8,000 lbs, you would think 2 horses could carry 16,000 lbs right?
Not so.
2 horses working together in unity can carry 3 times the weight.
Hypothetically speaking, 2 horses can carry 24,000 lbs.

God has made it the same way in marriage, you would think with the weight and baggage both people carry coming into a marriage, that nothing would change, but it does.
When two people “tie the knot” and unify themselves with each other, they are able to carry 3 times the weight of life that they would be able to walking alone.

God promises that He will never give us more than we can handle with HIS help.
Sometimes that means HE will walk beside us, helping us along the way to carry life.
Sometimes that means He will send a very special someone to walk along the way with us.
Not that He leaves us and puts someone beside us instead, but just imagine the multiplication of things we can handle and carry when not only do we unify ourselves with our spouse, but both of us unify our marriage with God as well.

My mind is blown trying to calculate! Why? Because God is not like us, He is not limited in the weight He can carry. I guess thats why with Him we can handle ANYTHING.

What a privilege to share such a fun and sweet wedding day with these two wonderful people.

It was an honor to watch these two become one, surrounded by all the love of their friends and family.
I know the journey that led them to each other was not always easy, there was most likely pain, struggle, tears and even devastation. The journey through the months of planning for this day was also one of unexpected circumstances, as things rarely always go as planned for any bride and couple.

Even the day itself held some surprises, but no matter what, this sweet couple banded together and conquered. There was no mountain too high, there was no river too wide, there was no hole too deep or struggle too strong for these magnificent people.

And now they are ONE!

I hope all the struggles are in the past, but as we all know, there are things in each of our lives that will always come and try to stand in our way.

It is such a comfort knowing that these two have each other and such a wonderful circle of family and friends standing with them and surrounding them no matter what life brings.

Al & Letty – Believe me when I say y’all have been an inspiration and encouragement. I know it has been a journey of excitement the past few months, but you all are fantastic, resilient and amazing!

YOU DID IT! and now… the best is yet to come!

I pray that as you continue on this journey together that the years of love between you will continue to grow and blossom even more as you become even closer and more unified through your marriage.

I pray that the family surrounding you and supporting you will continue to bring Joy and Light to your eyes and heart as you stand as an inspiration of strength and support to them as well.

It truly was a pleasure getting to work with you and your family and friends.
I hope it is not the last time we get to work together!

The Wedding Team

Ceremony Venue – The Frank H. Kenan Chapel at Landfall
Reception Venue – Warehouse on Water
Bridal Prep Venue – Hotel Ballast
Groom Prep Venue – Downtown Gem AirBnb
Catering – ART Catering & Events
Wedding Dress – Bottega Vow
Dress Alterations – Linen & Lace
Bridesmaid Dresses – David’s Bridal
Florist – Fairytale Designs
Makeup Artist – Sarah Harris @ Tyler Kent Salon
Hair Artist – Tyler Kent @ Tyler Kent Salon
Jewelry – Reeds Jewelry – Fayetteville
Shoes – Bella Belle
Transportation – Carolina Limousine & Coach
Videography – When Two Become One – A Wedding Film Co.
DJ – The Rhythm Connection
Photography – Charity Quinonez Photography

June 11, 2022

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